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[Translation] Marco x Jean doujinshi

MarcoJean DJ page 1

MarcoJean DJ page 2

MarcoJean DJ page 3

MarcoJean DJ page 4

MarcoJean DJ page 5

MarcoJean DJ page 6

Anyway, translator's note: I'm not fluent in Japanese, but I managed to translate this! Yay. Also, the last line, he says/thinks, "Boku wa mada nanimo-" getting cut off at the end, so it's hard to translate into English with Japanese sentence structure. It literally means, "I still anything/nothing-" so his full sentence could have been, "I still haven't done anything," or, "I still haven't said anything.")

Hi, thanks for translating this doujinshi ; v ; I love it very much! ; v ; and can I translate this to Vietnamese and post on my blog? ; v ; Thank you very much ; v ;

Sure! As long as you credit the original source, it should be fine.

thank you. This very sad. I cry.

My god, this is soooo good!
I cried a lot, it's so sad...
Poor Marco. And poor Jean.
I really hope they get a new life, in another place, another universe...


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